Shockingly Actionable Advice From a UX Industry Veteran

Soooo…. the market is volatile and tech funding is tight and designers are expensive, especially the ones who know lots of stuff? I got your back.

* I book up weeks in advance. So err on the side of action and tap tap those buttons.

Ask Me Anything call

Get 60 minutes of my undivided attention.

This can be an action packed call where I go New Yorker on you and we squeeze as much into it as you need, OR we do some methodical dissection of a single issue or product until you’re in a better place than you started. Let’s call that design therapy mode.

I’ll record the session so you can focus on the conversation, instead of taking notes.

A one hour, jam-packed call is $369.
If I can’t get your burning UX questions answered, I’ll credit you back for your time.

Ask Me Anything as a monthly subscription

Good for: ongoing strategy or temporary support

Your own personal bi-weekly AMA recurring call. I’ll talk to anyone on the team about UX needs: designers, founders, or product folk. 1:1 or bring as many team members as you’d like.

Plus two urgent urgent pants on fire quick calls per month.

A monthly recurring fee of $597.
No contract, cancel anytime.

Buy My Day

When you need a full, intensive day of work. I will do any UX strategy, research work that’s been bogging you down. Some examples things I can accomplish in a day:

  • Multiple 1:1 or group sessions (like AMAs)

  • Product audits — then either tell you where to focus or wireframe the basics out for you.

  • Design team & process audit — then actually fix stuff, or give you instructions to fix it. Your team, your choice.

  • Help with hiring — review or write job recs, interview questions, or actually interview candidates

We’ll start off with a 20 minute brief to kick off the day, and wrap it up with a 20 minute debrief & deliverables at end of day.

A one hour, jam-packed call is $2600.
I’ll throw in a follow-up AMA call to tie up any loose ends.

Let's grab a coffee

Book a free 20 min consult

Tara’s experience as a Design Leader is evident right away. I came to her with quite a broad problem to solve and she immediately provided me with insights and tactics to go about my search. I enjoyed talking to her, she is very open and giving with her incredible knowledge.

- Dave Zamora, Product Designer @

Who Are These Services For?

Founders getting ready to hire first FDI, or with a designer already on board who could use an assist. Folks with a penchant for action. I promise I’ll never wound a fellow designer, but for founders? Tough skin and an open mind probably helps. How design works could possibly be a lot different than what you thought you knew.

Want to talk first? Sure thing. Grab a time here and we’ll chat.

But What If I’m Just a Budgetless Designer?

Trust me, I get it. Thou shall not be forsaken. I am available on ADPlist for free mentoring (for designers only). Also, if you haven’t bought the book yet, it’s a great low-cost option to get a ton of info and supplemental swipe files.

Tara was awesome! So many useful things she suggested that I can already apply to my work environment starting today! Her experience as a leader is so valuable for anyone to learn from and I'm glad I could tap into her brain for a bit today.

- Lori Ho, UX design lead @ MEATER